Sunday, June 30, 2013


Marilyn Barber
As printed in The Voice of Evangelism

Deep spiritual joy comes as we hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Matt.5:6   The promise is even given that that need will be filled or satisfied.  When we are hungry or thirsty what do we do?  We partake of food and drink if it is available.  The goodness of our awesome God has provided the nourishment through His Word and the teaching of it.  We should ever be thankful for this provision.  It is through Scripture that our spiritual cup can be filled through the blood of Christ and our obedience to His Word.

After we have obeyed to receive the offer of salvation, a tendency prevails in our culture today to follow the world around us.  Our immediate salvation is completed as we are baptized into Christ but too often after the new has worn off, we slip back into our old ways.  Paul was amazed that the Galatians did this.  Gal.3:3

Jesus saw this false security in the Pharisees in Matt.23:25,26.  Could it be that we are guilty of the same?  We do all of the “right” things on the outside:  go to church (at least one hour per week), pray at our mealtime (that’s enough), take our Bibles to church (dust it off first), and then profess to be a Christian.  What about the inside of our cup—our heart?  It must shine with the Light of Christ.  2 Cor.4:6

What are some of the interferences to a clean cup on the inside?  Our media becomes our enemy if we allow it to do that.  Our eyes behold and we desire.  1 Jhn.2:15,16   We want to appear the same as we observe the popular.  We forget that Jesus wants us to be modest.  1 Tim.2:9  We have no need to be decked out like a Christmas tree.  A humble heart would be corresponding to modesty.  Who do we want to please—men or God?  This was a response of Peter to the authorities.  Acts 4:19

Media also corrupts our desire for “stuff”.  Advertisements abound.  Why?  To increase our material desires.  Sales as well as garage sales become compulsive.  Many times Christians use these in order to share as well as fill real needs of their own and in so doing, really do save money.  This is commendable.  We do have to seriously look at the purpose as well as our financial accountability.  The Lord and His work come first.  The cleanliness inside of our cup requires that our “offering” to the Lord is given with joy; it may require sacrifice; it is not what is “left over” after our desires have been fulfilled.  We must not rob God.  Mal.3:8

Old habits have a tendency to cling to the inside of our cup.  We justify ourselves that we are “trying”.  God knows our hearts and therefore knows our efforts.  If we are truly sold out for our Savior, we will trash these old habits as quickly as possible.  Some are smoking, alcohol, drugs.  None of these would be a good example for Christ or His body, the church.  These destroy our body as well as slam the name of Jesus.  1 Cor.6:19,20   Immorality is found in the church.  This is not the way of Christ.  1 Cor.6:18   At times this is preceded with flirting or pornographic material.  This is not done to the glory of the Lord.  1 Cor.10:31

Another old habit that streaks our cup is cursing and taking God’s name in vain or in emptiness.  Deut.55:11 (NIV)   This version says misuses His name.  Our God is a precious God to us having offered His Son for our salvation.  He is always there for us and plans for our eternity if we remain faithful.  Why would we flippantly use His name in a disrespectful way.  Neither should we be found with a cursing tongue.  Jam.5:12   Our language needs to reflect that which would please Christ.  Gal.5:15

As we discard those things that contaminate our cup, let us consider our attitudes.  A large percentage of our Christianity comes from our attitudes.  Our attitudes come from our heart.  Prov.23:7   We hold a grudge so we are unforgiving.  Matt.6:14,15   We don’t like to be told what to do so we don’t submit.  Eph.5:21   We may have a proud spirit.  This is from the world.  1 Jhn.2:16   These are only a few of the bad attitudes that soil our spiritual cup. 

Our friends make a difference in our lives as well.  Jam.4:4   As we take inventory of our cup; may we throw out that which contaminates; may we begin to let the Spirit of the Lord fill our cup with renewed vigor to be like Him.  Ps.51:10

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