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The largest portion of Proverbs was written by Solomon, son of David.  He was questioned by God as to what he wished to be given.  1 Kgs.3:5   Solomon’s answer is found in 1 Kgs.3:9.  God was pleased with Solomon’s answer because it was not just for himself.  God gave Solomon a wise and understanding (discerning) heart.  1 Kgs.3:12   The Queen of Sheba felt that his wisdom was greater than imagined.  2 Chron.9:6

With this introduction we want to look at the first subject Solomon addressed—wisdom.   Wisdom comes with knowledge and understanding.  To a sinful man wickedness is just like a game or sport.  That is his delight.  A man of understanding can see the uselessness and danger in those moments of wickedness.  Prov.10:23   Moses understood this in Heb.11:25.  The pleasures of sin are passing with repercussions ahead.  Those in sin despise being reminded and given instruction.  Prov.1:7   Those who are wise and have understanding know the true source of wisdom. 

The verses 2-4 in the first chapter give us several infinitives of instruction.  Prov.1:2-4 (NASB) tells us “to know”.  We are also “to discern” or to distinguish.  Wisdom, instruction, and sayings of understanding are all important to a Christian.  Many do not want any kind of instruction.  They are called “fools” in Prov.1:7.  The fear and total respect of the Lord is where we will find knowledge.  Wisdom was important to Jesus even in His young life.  Luke 2:40,52

Paul gave the difference of wisdom of the world and God’s wisdom.  1 Cor.1:20,25   The Colossians were receiving prayers for knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and understanding.  Col.1:9,10,   We are still in dire need of this today.  All three of these things work together.

Prov.1:3   Again we have instruction involved.  We need constant instruction for we are prone to forget now we are to act.  It is so easy to go back to our “old” ways before we became a Christians.  We need instruction on how we are to act and treat others.  We need instruction on righteousness in our attitudes and obedience.  What is fair and honest is part of our instruction as well.  It is so easy to think only of ourselves and forget the impact we have on others.  Our instruction must come from the Truth which is not the instruction of man but of God.  1 Thess.4:7,8

Prov.1:4   Wise sayings are given to the unsuspecting and childlike that could be taken in by a false saying.  Wise sayings will give them a way to decide right from wrong  and make wise decisions.  It is profitable to listen to this instruction.

Wisdom involves many facets of learning.  Job asked the source of wisdom and understanding  Job.28:20   The answer is in Job 28:23   David also gave the answer to this question.  Ps.111:10   Advice becomes important as a form of instruction.  Prov.13:10   Just like instruction, sometimes we don’t like to take advice.  Prov.3:7   Other wise sayings on this subject need to be heeded.  Prov.10:8;  Prov.12:15; Prov.15:31; Prov.19:20; Prov.21:11  May we never be wise in our own eyes.
Wisdom and knowledge are used together often; however, there is a difference.  It is one thing to “know” and another to “do”.  This concerns wisdom.  We have read Col.1:9 as Paul prayed for them to be filled with both.  The next verse adds to their being filled—they were to walk, to please, and to bear fruit as they increased in knowledge.  Col.1:10

Wisdom is a gift of God.  It was for Solomon.  It is for us.  Eph.1:17   Wisdom is something for which we can pray.  Jam.1:5   Who of us doesn’t lack wisdom but how often do we pray for it. 

Wisdom is shown in the way we live.  Jam.3:13   Wisdom knows gentleness in our deeds and behavior.  There is a wisdom that is earthly, natural, demonic.  This is worldly wisdom.  Jam.3:14-16   James gives us a real description of true wisdom from God in Jam.3:17

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