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Even though the book of Psalms is in the Old Testament, this book contains so much wisdom that can help a Christian grow in Christ.  Recently we saw how a person must keep sin from their life in order for God to hear and consider their prayers. Ps.66:18   Prayer is talking to God.  Now we want to consider the momentous amount of strength as well as guidance that can come as we let God speak to us through His Word.

Ps.119:105   In our desire of wanting to please Jesus, we need guidance to find our way.  The Word of God is the lamp that lights our way.  Prov.6:22   Whether we are awake or asleep or even when we walk about, God’s Word will be our guide.  Ps.1:2  

We may realize this but to use God’s Word as our guide, we need to read, study, and have it in our hearts.  Ps.40:8   Life can be a slippery path but with the Word of God in our hearts, our steps will not slip. Ps.37:31   Those around us may hear us use Scripture in our conversation.  The use of God’s name may differ from the way they use His name.  We need not to be ashamed nor fear.  Isa.51:7   We can be used as a testimony for our Lord.  Matt.10:32,33

Many times we have to be concerned about the truth or wisdom of what we read.  This is never a concern with Scripture.  Ps.19:7,8   It is perfect, restoring the soul.  It is trustworthy, making wise the simple.   Scripture is right, giving joy to the heart.  God’s commandments are pure, enlightening the eyes.  We can trust God’s Word to be our guide for it is Truth.  Ps.43:3  

David’s prayer was that he could walk in the Lord’s way which was Truth and that he could walk with an undivided heart.  Ps.86:11   How easily our heart can be divided.  We may not even realize it at times.  With media as it is today, our eyes can become a source of a divided heart.  Job 31:1; Ps.101:3; Isa.33:15   Here we have three faithful men of God that realize the danger of looking upon evil. 

What we see can cause us to desire that which would cause us to stumble in our way.  The psychology of advertising is focused on what we see.  Seeing causes desire.  1 Jhn.2:16   When that desire is met, sin occurs and then comes death.  Jam.1:14,15   It is evident that great importance lies in what our eyes feast upon.  Visual images remain with us for a long time so whether it is immorality, excessive desire for belongings, or even showing immodest amounts of skin that tempt the opposite sex with their eyes, let us stay pure with an undivided heart for the Lord.  2 Cor.4:18

Pride can also divide our heart.  We forget that everything we have has been given to us.  1 Cor.4:7   Our achievements take on great importance and we loose the humility that even our Lord had.  Phil.2:8   In the end pride destroys rather than builds up.  Prov.16:18   Nebuchadnezzar learned a lesson in his pride.  Dan.5:20   God had to humiliate him before he recognized that God is the One who is great.  One of the sins listed in 1 Jhn.2:16 is the pride of life.  Paul gives good advice in Rom.12:3

Another heart divider is our friendships.  Jam.4:4   If we choose friends that are in the world, too often they become a stumbling block to us.  1 Cor.15:33   We may have good intentions of standing strong or influencing them for good; but we are warned about the dangers of this kind of situation.  2 Cor.6:14,15   There is no use in placing temptation right in front of ourselves.  God knows best.  We should want to be with those that will cause us to be our very best to God’s glory.  2 Cor.10:5   We can and should be friendly to win them for Jesus; however, Christians should be chosen for our best friends.  Gal.5:9

Our best spiritual food is the Word of God.  This will keep us from a divided heart.  Job.23:12   Scripture was not written by just man’s ideas.  2 Pet.1:21   Scripture is complete with everything we need to be pleasing to our Savior.  2 Tim.3:16  

Let us never depart from it but be careful to do all that is written in it.  1 John.2:3   The seed we sow with honest and good hearts will bear good fruit.  Lk.8:15   As we put away the things of this world that cause us to have a divided heart, let the words of Christ dwell within us with all wisdomWe then can have fellowship with one another and walk together in the Light with our Lord.  1 Jhn.1:7   …the word of our Lord stands forever.  Isa. 40:8       

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