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E-WISDOM OF PROVERBS-Righteousness-5


Much is said of righteousness in Proverbs.  So what is righteousness?  Righteousness is rightness and justice.  It is the quality of a recognized standard which in the case of a Christian would be God’s standard, for God is a righteous God.  Ps.35:24   Not only is God righteous but He loves righteousness.  Ps.45:7   Job asks the question of how can we as human beings or mortals be righteous.  Job.9:2 (NIV)   Paul answers this question in Rom.3:22.  This righteousness can only come through Jesus Christ.

We again meet knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as the path to righteousness.  Prov.2:7-9   This path will stall stumbling; it will keep hindrances away from our steps.  Prov.4:11-13   Our need is to hold on to this upright path and don’t let it go.  Always stay on this path and never stray.  Prov.8:20   The way of the righteous is such a contrast to the way of the wicked.  Prov.11:5,6

In considering our way or our path in life, many times we consider the fact that we know what we should do.  We know the proper way we should go.  We are wrong.  Prov.14:12; Prov.21:2   It is a dangerous thing to go our own way without first relying on prayer and Bible study to assure ourselves that we are doing what is right and being a glory to God.  When we fear God, we respect and honor and love Him.  This will keep us in the righteous way.  However, the one who walks in his own way and in wickedness will despise God.  Prov.14:2   Any righteous teaching will bring guilt and condemnation upon the wicked and he will hate the message and the messenger.  Prov.29:27

Proverbs gives us the results of righteousness.  Sin and wickedness leads to death but righteousness will deliver from death.  Prov.10:2; Prov.11:4   Pain, problems, persecution may come in this life but the righteous have the hope of eternity with the Lord.  Rom.5:21   With worldliness comes trouble.  Just one example would be when a young lady fails to meet God’s standard in modesty, she becomes a target for abuse.  The righteous are delivered from trouble in many ways.  Prov.11:8,9  

Steadfastness is a quality of the righteous.  Prov.12:3   He will not be moved by every wind of doctrine.  Eph.4:14   He will be like a tree firmly planted.  Ps.1:3   The righteous will be fruitful.  Prov.12:12   His life will flourish as a green leaf.  Prov.11:28   Jesus warned of trees that did not bear good fruit.  Matt.7:18,19

Another quality of the righteous is joy and gladness.  When a person does what is right, there is no need of fear.  Jhn.3:20   Therefore, he can rejoice.  Prov.29:6   Even in the midst of trouble, the righteous can rejoice for hope is in his future.  Prov.10:28; Prov.11:18   When a person has done what is right, there is joy even in the face of ridicule or contention.  Prov.21:15   Righteousness causes others to rejoice.  Prov.29:2   Righteousness affects a city and a nation.  Prov.11:11; Prov.14:34   God looked for righteousness in Sodom before it was destroyed.  He yearned to find righteousness in His people before they were carried away to Babylon.  Righteousness is not only of personal importance but also important to influence others.  What about the church? 

Prayer is important to the righteous.  Prov.15:8   Assurance of being heard is a blessing enjoyed by the righteous.  Prov.15:29   Desires of the righteous will be granted.  Prov.10:24   These desires will not be selfish desires for it is known by them that God comes first and knows best.  Jam.4:3   The desires of the righteous only seek that which is good.  Prov.11:23

The righteous love and fear their Creator.  Prov.12:2; Prov.14:2   No greater achievement exists for man than to find favor with God.  Eccl.12:13   God created us to be righteous but what have we done.  Eccl.7:29; Eccl.7:20   God loves the person who pursues righteousness.  Prov.15:9   Righteousness includes observing God’s commands.  Deut.6:25   The righteous know the source of our safety.  God is our Rock; He is our Refuge; He is our Tower.  Prov.18:10  

The righteous receive so many blessings from the Lord that blessings to others become an important part of life.  Prov.12:26   Giving to others in time of need is a deed to be performed by the righteous.  He has received and now he wants to give.  Prov.21:26   The eyes of the righteous are open to the needs of others.  It is not a matter of just seeing the need but attempting to fulfill that need if possible.  Prov.29:7

Righteousness is of utmost importance to a Christian as he is dead to sin but alive to God.  The Holy Spirit dwells within him as he hungers and thirsts for righteousness.  Matt.5:6   Do we?  Rom.8:10   So we seek His righteousness.  Matt.6:33  We can only have righteousness through our Lord.  2 Cor.5:21   Therefore, let us sow righteousness to obtain our eternal reward which is worth far more than anything this world can provide.  Prov.11:18

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