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E – TO BE HOLY – 5

We have found that we must “take off” before we can put on.  The example is given that to clean up we must take off our dirty clothes, wash, and then we are ready to put on our clean clothes.  Col. 3:8,9  We no longer live to the desires of the flesh.  Rom. 8:13  This indicates that we shall die (eternally).  We know that sin has its wages.  Rom. 6:23 

There is a saying which applies to sin:  “Habit is a cable, we weave a thread of it every day and at last we cannot break it.”  We allow ourselves to form habits that are not very conducive to the will of God.  Each day, that habit becomes stronger until we are slaves to it.  Rom. 6:19  We know this is true of addiction, but it is also true of the useless and sinful habits we form. 

This lesson will be somewhat negative; however, the following lesson will be a lesson of obtaining victory over our human desires.  In order to put off our “old clothes” we need to recognize what they are.  Sometimes we become slaves to habits we do not even recognize as displeasing to our Lord.  The following scriptures are lists of sins in which we do not want any part.  Rom. 1:29-31;  Gal. 5:19-21;  Eph. 4:30,31;  Col. 3:5,8,9;   2 Thess. 3:11;  2 Tim. 3:2-5;  Titus 3:2,3;  1 Pet. 2:1  These lists are by no means exhaustive and many other sins are discussed singly.  We will choose some common to man to study.  First, we want to discuss sin itself.

Let us define sin.  1 Jhn. 3:4  Sin isn’t always doing something wrong.  Sin can be in thought.  1 Jhn. 3:15  We can sin in word.  Matt. 5:22  Then sin can be in deed.  Rom.1:32   So sin can either be omitting to do what God’s Word requires or we can sin by doing what God’s Word forbids us to do.  Jam. 4:17;  Rom. 14:23

When God made us in His image, He saw that it was good.  Gen. 1:26,31  God intended for us to be without sin and to do good.  Eccl. 7:29;  Eph. 2:10  Satan has ruined that element of holiness in mankind.  He continually attempts to lure us into sin.  1 Pet. 5:8  We all fall into that lure.  Rom. 3:23  This is why salvation through Jesus Christ is so important to us and such a necessity.  Mk. 10:45; Rom. 5:8  We have had Americans held hostage.  The captors would demand a ransom.  We are held hostage by sin.  Christ has paid our ransom.

God is holy and cannot sin.  Jam. 1:13  Neither did Christ sin.  1 Pet. 2:22  If we are to be holy, then we must follow in His footsteps.  We need to understand how we sin and what causes us to sin for we see that it is so serious that it is a matter of spiritual life or death.  Rom. 6:23

God has given us an instruction book in His Word for us to follow to be pleasing to Him, the One who created us.  It is always important to read the instructions.  When you buy something new, there are the “don’ts” as well as the “do’s.”  The Bible contains commands, examples, and principles.  All three help us in our choices.  God did not make us robots or puppets.  It remains our responsibility to make wise choices in our lives that would make us pleasing to our Lord.  Matt. 6:24  Only two choices are available to us.  Matt. 12:30  Some sins are against God, some are against others, and some are against ourselves.

Covetousness – intense desire of gain.  Determination to be rich.  Principle of a dissatisfied and discontented soul.  Greed, extortion, grasping (sometimes another’s possession or attribute).  Lk. 12:15 

Envy, jealousy, malice, spite – Jam. 3:14,16

Strife, quarrel, contention, debate, wrangling – Rom. 13:13;  1 Cor. 3:3;  1 Tim. 6:4

Deceit, treachery, lying – Matt. 7:21-23

Malign, injure, slander – Eph. 4:31; Col. 3:8;  1 Pet. 2:1

Gossip, whisperer, about persons or social incidents, busybody, groundless rumor, accusations (true or false) – 2 Cor. 12:20

Proud, exalting self, wishing all men to receive their sayings, self magnified at expense of others – 1 Jhn. 2:16

Unforgiving – Matt. 6:14,15

No Mercy – Matt. 18:33

Adultery, fornication – sex outside of marriage – 1 Cor. 6:9,  Matt. 5:28

Uncleanness, sodomy – unnatural sexual intercourse – 2 males, 2 females – Gen. 19:5

Idolatry – Col.3:5  worship other than God

Witchcraft, potions, spells, enchantments, use of magic and sorcery, fortune telling, - Deut. 18:10-12;  1 Sam. 28:3,9

Hatred – Matt. 5:43, 44;  Matt. 5:47,48

Heresies, divisions, separating from communion from each other – Matt. 15:9;  Col. 2:8;  1 Cor. 1:10

Drunkenness, intoxicate the mind – 1 Cor. 5:11;  1 Cor. 6:10;  Eph. 5:18

Reveling, carousing, obscene songs and music, cut loose, live it up – 1 Pet. 4:3

We cannot focus on things of the world.  1 Jhn. 2:15  Neither can we be friends of the world.  Jam. 4:4  We need never think we are so strong that we are above falling.  1 Cor. 10:12  We must discipline ourselves for godliness and holiness. 1 Tim. 4:7

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