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Four pieces of armor have been used up to this point.  These have been applied in a spiritual way to the Roman armor.  The body has been covered up to the head.  Now our head needs to be protected.  A lot has been made of concussions in recent years.  Our brain is so important to the rest of our body and is impacted by head trauma.

So it is to our spiritual head/brain.  Eph.6:17   The helmet is a defensive weapon as all of the previous ones have been.  We stand firm to make ourselves ready for the aggression of Satan but we do not cross the line and use weapons of Satan to fight back.  1 Pet.3:8,9   We have no weapon for self-revenge.  Bitter words cannot be used for those are weapons of Satan.  Our feet are shod with peace. 

Our armor is given to defend us in suffering and not to keep us from suffering.  Someone has said that they wished the gospel had provided armor to defend their bodies from danger and death rather than their souls from sin and Satan.  Jesus had something to say about this.  Who do we fear?  Matt.10:28   This is the purpose of our armor.

Our armor “suit” now needs to be completed with the fifth part—the helmet.  With a strong faith that shields us against the fiery darts of falseness and deceit that Satan uses against us, our mind (brain) is clear to recognize the grace provided for us in salvation.  We can’t work for our salvation and we certainly do not deserve it.  It is a gift graciously given to us through the blood of Jesus in His death and resurrection.  This gift is there but we must accept it.  Helmets are necessary in so many instances in life today.   Bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, sports to mention a few.  Injuries and even death is reported when helmets have not been used.  Helmets may have been in possession, but they were not put on.  So it happens with our spiritual helmet of salvation—it is no good until it is “put on.”  1 Thess.5:8

Before Jesus was even born, Mary was told of His coming birth “because He shall save His people from their sins.”  Matt.1:21   During Jesus ministry, He recognized His purpose for coming to earth.  Matt.18:11   God sent His Son because He loved the people (all people) He had made.  Jhn.3:16   Since we are God’s because He made us, God certainly has the right to expect obedience from us.  Jhn.3:36; Heb.5:9 

God teaches us obedience through the examples of His people in the O.T.  They had fallen into slavery as we are overcome in slavery to sin.  Rom.3:23   He released them by leading them through the Red Sea and then gave them laws to follow as He wanted to lead them to the Promised Land. They refused to follow and grumbled consistently.  Finally God had had enough and all 20 years old and above died and were unable to even see the Promised Land. Num.14:26-30   God loves us but He expects us to love Him.  This is made evident by our obedience to Him.  1 Jhn.5:3   With love comes obedience.

God didn’t wait until we were “good” to give us a helmet of salvation.  Eph.2:4,5   We were still sinners when Christ died for us.  Rom.5:8   This helmet of salvation is a very expensive helmet—the price of the blood of God’s Son.  Tit.3:4-6    God had mercy on us and felt our need.  The love of our God is beyond anything we can ever imagine.  Rom.8:37-39

Our precious helmet of salvation can only be obtained through Jesus.  Acts 4:12   It is sad to think of those in the world that need Jesus and yet they think the word of the cross is just foolishness.  We know it to be the power of God.  1 Cor.1:18  

As we realize the love of God and the offering to us of this helmet of salvation, how do we obtain this gift so that we can put in on.  We are not left without instructions.  If a person truly wants salvation, belief is essential.  This is not just a consent but a true belief that will continue to action.  Matt.16:16; Rom.10:10   Our belief needs to be vocal.  We might say we believe but believe what?  Our belief should never be hidden. 

Another factor is important in order to put on this helmet of salvation—repentance.  Acts 17:30   As we learn about God, we realize that we have not obeyed Him.  In other words, we have sinned.  This causes a deep sorrow for what we have or have not done.  Repentance doesn’t stop there.  It is a turn about-face in humility to follow Jesus in an earnest attempt to please Him for the remainder of our life.  2 Cor.7:9,10

In the first gospel sermon delivered by Peter, we have several instructions put together.  Acts 2:38   Immersion is explained in Rom.6:4,6   It isn’t a matter of a cleansing of the flesh as noted in 1 Pet.3:20,21.  All of these actions put together to form a new birth.  Jhn.3:3,5   The desires of the old man are gone and now all things are new in Christ.  2 Cor.5:17  

With our helmet of salvation protecting our minds, our purpose in life takes on new meaning.  It now is to please the source of our salvation—Jesus.  Col.1:10; Heb.13:20,21     


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