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As we sincerely desire to follow the first and second commandment (Lk.10:27) in order to please our Lord, we will discover that humility will be necessary.  David desired this in Ps.131:1.  To love our Lord with everything we have, it is imperative that we understand “You are God and I am not”.  As we come to grips with this fact, we bow before our Creator in an attitude of humility.  This is His desire for us.  Isa.66:1,2   God is our life.  Acts 17:28   Our very existence depends on Almighty God.  Isa.57:15   As God called Isaiah to go to the people, his response was one exalting God’s greatness while realizing his own insufficiency in humbleness.  Isa.6:5 

Scripture gives us examples of men of God who were known for their humility.  Abraham recognized his unworthiness as he spoke to God.  Gen.18:27   What a praise that in our unworthiness, we can still talk/pray to our God!  Moses was known as the most humble man on the face of the earth.  Num.12:3   There are times God has to teach us humbleness through hardship.  Moses had an important question that we need to ask ourselves often.  “Who am I?”  Ex.3:11   The key to our becoming humble is realized as we look at Job.  Job 42:2,6   When we understand that we have tried to take things into our own hands without God, repentance in humility should follow. 

As Mary, the mother of Jesus, came to Elizabeth who was 6 months with her son, she exclaimed, “How has it happened that the mother of my Lord would come to me?”  In other words, who am I?  This was humility.  Lk.1:43   When something really wonderful happens to us, what is our thinking?  To me?  Thank-you, Lord.  Or Yes, I deserve that.  Elizabeth’s son, John the Baptist, had a humble attitude as Jesus came to be baptized by him.  Mk.1:7   John again expressed humility later as John’s disciples had questions.  John’s explanation is in Jhn.3:30.  Paul, the apostle, had a right to be proud.  He was educated at the feet of one of the greatest teachers of the Law, Gamaliel.  When his life was changed to serve the Lord, his accomplishments were great and very numerous as he won souls, established congregations, and wrote many books of the N.T.  Yet Paul knew where it all originated.  It wasn’t him, it was the Lord working in and through him.  In speaking with the Thessalonians in 1 Thess.2:6, Paul states that he did not seek the glory of men.  Seeking the glory of men is opposite of humility, but a common habit today.  He was humble as he spoke to the elders from Ephesus and was probably seeing them for the last time.  Acts 20:19

Jesus is our prime example.  Jesus spoke of Himself as being humble.  Matt.11:29   When we think of who He was – Immanuel (God with us) Matt.1:23 – and the fact that He came to earth to take on a human body just for us –Phil.2:6-8 - to take our sins upon Himself who was perfect—Lk.19:10—how can we not bow before Him in humility to worship our Lord and King.  Not only do our words show humility but our actions do as well.  We find Jesus performing one of the lowliest tasks of a slave as He washed the feet of His disciples.  Jhn.13:16,17

Scripture is full of examples showing humility.  What does this mean for us?  Humility is a requirement for those who wish to please our Lord.  Mic.6:8   We note that repentance is associated with humility in 2 Chron.7:14.  This Scripture promises rewards if we follow these requirements.  Matt.5:3  promises a reward if we have a spirit of humility and realize how really poor we are in a spiritual way.  To be “clothed” is an expression used in several aspects of the Christian life.  We are to be “clothed” (fully clad, covered, engulfed) with humility.  1 Pet.5:5   Not much room is left for arrogance.  Jam.4:6   We all need God’s grace.  We don’t need God’s opposition.

Humility has a great deal to do with our relationship to others.  It is easy to be intimidated by someone who is arrogant.  This isn’t the purpose of a Christian.  Col.3:12-15   This verse is a good recipe for good relationships, whether home, congregation, or neighbors.  Jesus uses a little child as an example of humility.  We can relate to this as we think of little children.  Matt.18:4  

This lesson began with the idea of humility being associated with love of God and others.  It would be difficult to have an honest love for someone if we thought of ourselves as better.  1 Cor.13:4   Pride is not a characteristic of love.

Scripture gives us some important considerations as we examine ourselves in the matter of humility/pride.  Rom:12:3   Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought.  When we realize that everything we have, everything we are, and everything we can do comes from God, what reason would we have to be proud?  1 Cor.4:7  What do you have that you did not receive?  The answer is nothing.

With regard to relationships we are instructed in Phil.2:3 to regard one another as more important than yourselves.  It might be well for us to look around and see where we fail in this capacity.  It is a fearful thing to think that we all probable fail in this.  “I” either have more, know more, can do more, etc.  May the Lord help us change our thinking.

In a discussion of the home Peter sums it up in 1 Pet.3:8.  all of you…be humble in spirit.  This is the essence of good relationships.  Better to be humble now and exalted later than for the reverse to happen.  Matt.23:12  

We have no need of pride.  Let us ever be mindful of the words of Jesus in Jhn.15:5.  …for apart from Me you can do nothing.


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