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It is probably safe to say that everyone has something hidden in their heart.  Perhaps it is a childhood memory that brings a warm feeling to your heart.  It could be an accomplishment that was completed with a feeling of pride.  A time of marriage to your best friend, the awesome entrance into the world of a child’s birth. Sickness and death bring memories that we never forget.  So what is hidden in the recesses of your heart?

David gives us a jewel to hide in our heart – Thy Word. Then he provides the reason.  That I might not sin against You.  Ps.119:11   Oh, how we need to have those precious Scriptures deeply embedded in our hearts.  Jesus gave us such an example when Satan came to tempt Him.  Yes, Jesus, even though the Son of God but also a man such as we are, had Scripture deep within His heart.  With each temptation, Jesus had a Scripture ready for Satan. 

Could you even accomplish a forty-day fast?  Then a human statement was made, “He then became hungry.”  Satan knew just like Satan knows when we have a desire.  Jesus counteracted with a Scripture.  Matt.4:4   Satan failed with that one but he was ready with another temptation. 

Do you realize that this prince of the power of the air actually took the Man-Jesus high up to the pinnacle of the temple.  Remarkable!  The temptation: IF you are the Son of God--jump.  Then Satan quoted Scripture.  Remember, Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light and is full of deceit.  If Jesus had jumped, that would have gained awe from the masses that surrounded the temple.  Satan knew Jesus could call on angels to save Him and so did Jesus; but that was not the purpose of Jesus in coming to earth.  Lk.19:10   Again Jesus had an answer from the Scripture.  Matt.4:7  

Satan was not through with Jesus; just like Satan will keep prodding us to sin throughout our lives.  Satan wanted Jesus, the Son of God, to fall down and worship him.  He offered a great reward if Jesus would do that.  Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  Didn’t he know he was offering this to the One who created the world?  But this temptation was to the Man-Jesus.  Maybe it sounds good on first thought; however, Jesus knew better and was ready with Scripture.  Matt.4:10   God always has the right answers in His Word—never Satan.

Notice that Satan moved on to another temptation after Scripture was quoted.  We, too, can send him on his way with the name of Jesus and the Words of God that we have stowed in our heart.  Just because we are a Christian, those Scriptures are not automatically put into our heart.  Nothing of value is easy.  It takes work.

We are so inadequate when it comes to fighting temptation, gaining in righteousness, and working for the Lord.  The good news is we are not alone.  1 Cor.10:13   The temptations we have are common to man.  We can have support groups, for others are going through similar circumstances.  God has provided a way out if we but grasp it and hang on to it.  God will never leave us.  We must never leave Him.  He gives this promise to the people of God in the O.T.  Deut.31:6   The promise is given by Jesus in Matt.28:20.

Now my question is this:  How will you ever know if you are not hiding the Word in your heart?  We can just go on with what someone tells us but that is never as good as when we experience it ourselves and load it into our mind for keeps.  Ps.42:1  This has to be a real desire and not just an occasional “wish I could remember” or “that would be nice.”  We can develop a craving, a yearning to increase in our knowledge of God’s Word.  This is a necessity.

Paul mentions that he is convinced that the Roman Christians are full of goodness and knowledge.  Rom.15:14   This isn’t knowledge of cooking, building, politics.  No, this is knowledge of the Scriptures.  Peter wanted the Christians to grow in grace (favor) and knowledge of the Lord.  2 Pet.3:18   In listing several things that Peter encouraged the Christians to use diligence (persistence) in obtaining, knowledge was one of them.  2 Pet.1:5   We can’t be haphazard in gaining knowledge.

Moses told the Israelites that obeying God was not too difficult.  It was in their mouth and in their heart.  Deut.30:11-14   You can’t obey if you don’t know and you can’t know unless you study.  A question is asked in Ps.119:9.  Although it mentions the young, it is true for all.  We stay on the path of purity and righteousness by living according to the Word. 

“Neglect” is a big word in Ps.119:16.  If a person really loves the Word, he will not neglect it, no matter what we might say.  David used Scripture as a lamp to light his way (Ps.119:105) so he would obey God’s Word.  Ps.119:101  

Can we say with Paul as he says in Rom.7:22?  Now is the time spoken of in Heb.10:16.  It is up to each individual.  Some ideas to help will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, read you Bible every day.

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