Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Like a child imitating Daddy, we try to imitate Jesus when we walk with Him.  It we walk side by side with a friend, it is much easier if we keep in step with each other.  So it is when we walk with Jesus.  We need to keep in step with Him as we do our best to imitate Him.

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.  Lk.19:10   When a commission is given it is an order to do something.  Jesus gave what is called the Great Commission and indeed it was great for it continues to all who follow Him until this day.  Matt.28:18-20   Jesus’ last words before He ascended into heaven was for His followers to witnesses the world.  He had died a cruel death to bring salvation to the lost and then rose from the dead that we, too, might have victory over death and someday be with Him in Heaven.  This face is so important that if it had not happened, our faith would be in vain and our sins would not be forgiven.  1 Cor.15:17   If we are walking with Jesus, we need to be spreading His Word in whatever capacity we can, whenever we can, wherever we can, and to whom ever we can.  This is Jesus’ will for us.  Lk.12:47

Let us walk along with Jesus as we follow Him in the Scriptures.  Jesus had a servant heart.  He was not concerned with Himself.  He must have been exhausted at times.  He was not worried about negative reactions of those that opposed Him.  Jesus saw the needs of people around Him and He knew He could help meet their needs.  He didn’t just know but He stepped forward to act upon those needs.

Today the idea seems to be “Leave it to Beaver”.  The same ones keep doing the tasks that are needed and those “same ones” are getting fewer and older.  It isn’t always easy to leave your comfort zone.  This wasn’t the way of Jesus nor was it the way of His apostles.

Jesus was a servant  Matt.20:28   He was King of Kings and Lord of Lords and yet He came to serve and not to be served.  This is our ultimate example.  A servant works for someone or for some cause.  A servant ministers to the needs of others in assisting them, helping them, and providing for them.  Jesus had open eyes to see the needs of others and He had the compassion to serve them in their needs.

As Christians we have all been given gifts of various and numerous types.  We are to use these gifts in service to others.  1 Pet.4:10   We are given these gifts by the grace or favor of God and we are to be good stewards of them.  We are given to give.  Rom.12:7   Because we are given these gifts, we want to be sure that we give God the glory.  Our service is not to pat ourselves on the back.  It isn’t our own glory that has enabled us to serve but only by the grace of God.  Matt.13:12   God has given and expects us to use His gifts.  We use or loose.

We need not think that what we can do is so small it is of no significance.  Jesus spoke of those that even gave food and drink to those who hungered and were thirsty.  Matt.25:40   Whatever we do, we do as unto the Lord.  1 Cor.4:7   No gift is to our glory, however small or great it might be.

Just as in giving, our attitude is important.  Elders were exhorted in this fashion but it would certainly hold true with any Christian.  We should be willing and eager to serve.  Can you imagine Jesus being out of sorts when He had to heal some one?  1 Pet.5:2   Neither should we ever be resentful.  2 Tim.2:24   “I’ve had to do it more times than my brother.”  We are serving our Lord and not men.  Eph.6:7,8   We should take great joy in serving our Lord.  Heb.9:14

If we are observing the second greatest commandment, we will be serving in love.  Gal.5:13   Being is true servant of our Lord may indicate our love for Him as well as for our neighbor or brother.  Lk.10:27

To be a servant our eyes must be open to the needs of others.  We can’t make the blind see or heal a leper or cripple but many needs are evident if we just observe and stay alert.  People are suffering physically and/or emotionally.  Some are in grief.  Just to be noticed and included as a friend is a great need for those who are lonesome.  Smiles, maybe hugs, greeting, phone calls, cards, visits, food items (maybe cookies), invitations to go or to visit your home are just a few starters.  You can be creative.  Helping with church affairs is also important.  Your presence is a beginner!  Picking up after yourself first and then others that won’t (remember without resentment), cleaning some portion of the building, straightening song books, helping serve food at meals and then helping with clean-up.  So many ways can help those that “always do it”.  We are not a servant to just sit and watch others work.  Some do.

Don’t be afraid of menial tasks.  Matt.20:26,27;  Matt.23:11,12   Jesus even performed the most lowly task of a slave—washing the feet of His disciples.  Jhn.13:4,5   At our very best we are still unworthy servants.  We need to realize this.  Lk.17:10

Jesus took on the nature of a servant.  Phil.2:7   How precious to our ears would be the words, “Well done…”.  Matt.25:23   May we be found walking with Jesus, having a servant heart, and faithfully imitating our Master.  Matt.24:46

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