Saturday, February 25, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: His Princess, Letters from God (Devotional)

HIS PRINCESS by Sheri Rose Shepherd is a unique devotional book.  The sub-title is “Love Letters from Your King”.  In the introduction Shepherd states the fact that early in her life she had made many poor choices for she did not know God’s plan, purpose, and power.  She became a new creature in Christ and wants other women to know that  we can live beyond our pain and our past, our fears and failures, and become…His princesses.

Since we are children of God, we are princesses of a King.  Each devotion is written as a letter from God based on a Scripture from His Word.  They are written in a very personal way.  A friend of mine read a few of them and said, “She is writing right to me”.  Each one is very direct in nature and causes one to wonder why that was not apparent in that Scripture as I read it.

Many subjects are covered.  Some ideas brought forth are:  fitting in is not as important as causing others to think of the Lord; modesty verses the style of the world; choices are ours but we need to make the right ones; your time is valuable; the Lord is always there so come to Him, the Lord will open your spiritual eyes; your words reflect who you are and many, many more topics. 

Shepherd stresses the fact that just reading about God’s will is not the road to eternity but changing our lives and doing God’s will is what is important.  Her devotions will bring the vision of what God sees in us to bring about that change.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnoma Publishing Group for this review.

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