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How we need God’s forgiveness for we have all sinned (Rom.3:23) and that sin has separated us from God.  Isa. 59:2   We may sin against our fellowman but most of all we sin against our God.  Ps.51:4; Gen.39:9   When we are faced with temptation, this must be our thought – “How can I sin against my God?”. 

God is such a compassionate God, full of love and forgiveness.  Isa.1:18   Micah asks the question, “Who is a God like you?”.  Mic.7:18  God loves us and wants our fellowship.  The song says it well.  “He Was There All the Time”  God waits for us.  Isa.55:7  God has not moved.  We are the ones that have moved away from Him.  Jam.4:8

All of the sacrifices of animals in the O.T. were only reminders of sins year after year but could not fully take away sin.  Heb.10:3,4   Yet without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.  Heb.9:22   God was preparing a time that His forgiveness would be through one sacrifice alone – His Son.  This would be the epitome of His love for the world.  Jhn.3:16   God spoke of this through His prophets in the O.T.  Isa.9:6; Isa.53:12  

Finally the time was right for the Savior to arrive.  Matt.1:21; Lk.1:35   Never let us think that this was a baby in heaven that came down.  No, this was the Lord of Lords.  Rev.17:14   It was by Him we were created.  Col.1:16   Christ loved us enough that He was willing to let go of His heavenly crown to become a human being to show us the way and to make that one blood sacrifice for our sins.  Phil.2:6,7   When Jesus was brought to the temple, Simeon knew that this baby was the Lord’s Christ.  Lk.2:26-30   As a young boy Jesus associated Himself with God as His Father.  Lk.2:47,49  

John the Baptist was going before Jesus to tell about Jesus.  Mk.1:7   As John was preaching, Jesus came to be baptized.  God testified that Jesus was His Son and that He was well-pleased with Him.  Mk.1:11   Jesus had to go through temptation.  He understands us when we are tempted.  Heb.2:18; Heb.4:15   The time had come for Him to proceed with His purpose.  Lk.19:10   Jesus began to preach the gospel.  Mk.1:14,15

Many miraculous works were done by Jesus during His ministry.  He healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, unstopped the ears of the deaf, healed the cripples, fed the multitude, and raised the dead.  These acts were not to gain acclaim for Himself as our tendency would be.  These works were to show that He was the Son of God.  This is how we must accept Him—not as a famous man that performed miraculous tricks but as our Savior.

The people of Samaria recognized Jesus as the Savior of the world.  Jhn.4:42   When Peter was asked who he thought Jesus was, he answered with the great confession that we, too, must believe.  Matt.16:16  No man that has lived or is living that could be crucified on a cross and through his shed blood bring salvation to mankind.  Only the Son of God as the man of perfection could become the Savior of the world.  The sacrifices in the O.T. were as near perfect as they could find.  No spots or blemishes could be found and it had to be the firstborn.  Jesus is the perfect one.  He is the One who brings salvation and deliverance from sin.  Salvation from our Savior demands forgiveness for our sin has separated us from God.

Christ’s blood is our saving sacrifice.  Eph.1:7   It is through Him that we receive the forgiveness of our sins.  Col.1:13,14   When Jesus established the Lord’s Supper, He explained the cup as representing His blood poured out for the forgiveness of sins.  Matt.26:28

Jesus is the source of eternal salvation to those who believe Him.  Heb.5:9   When we believe Christ, we obey Him.  Acts 2:38; Acts 17:30   Now, instead of sacrifices being offered over and over, Jesus made that one sacrifice forever that our sins might be forgiven.  Heb.10:11,12   Heb.9:26   It is an eternal sacrifice.

We were once alienated or separated from God, but now we can be in Christ.  Col.2:13;
2 Cor.5:17   It is only through Christ we can be saved.  Acts 4:12   The temple in the O.T. had a special recipe for a wonderful fragrance that could only be used in the temple.  Jesus is pictured as that fragrant aroma as He becomes our offering and sacrifice to God.  Eph.5:1,2

Out of love, God saw no other way than for His son to be sacrificed and Jesus was willing.  And so Jesus became the Savior of the world.  1 Jhn.4:14   Some of the last words of Jesus before He went back to heaven indicated that His name would be proclaimed in all nations.  Lk.24:47

As we were once alienated from God, through Christ and His grace we can look forward to eternal life.  We need to be ever grateful for the sacrifice of our Savior who brought us forgiveness.  Rom.5:21

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